Corner Counties Early Childhood Area (CCECA)


OUR VISION:  "Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful."

OUR MISSION:  The Corner Counties Early Childhood Area Board will collaborate with community resources to nurture children so they will grow safe, healthy, socially well adjusted, and ready to learn.

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  "Hand in hand we can make a difference."


  • To encourage educational opportunities and outreach in areas of: health status of children that may include but are not limited to: nutritional education; lead, oral, and vision screenings; and healthy mental and emotional development.

  • To encourage professional development and attainment of quality program certifications: QRS, QPPS, and ECERS.

  • To encourage access for every child, to a high quality preschool environment through preschool tuition grants and collaboration with all other providers of preschool programs within the eight school districts.

  • To encourage family support programs to provide evidence based - best practice methodology for their families. 

  • To encourage and support the family support programs to reach their goal of accreditation with either the state credentialing or national accreditation program.

  • To encourage child care providers to become registered or licensed with the State. 

  • To encourage child care providers to enroll in the QRS and strive to progress and/or maintain the highest level possible. 

  • To educate the community concerning what a high quality child care provider and/or preschool program entails.

State Results

» Healthy children
» Children Ready to succeed in school
» Safe and supportive communities
» Secure and nurturing environments
» Secure and nurturing families

Our Priorities

» Health status of children
» High quality preschool environments with capacity to serve all preschool age children within the local empowerment area
» High quality family support and parent education opportunities
» High quality child care environments with adequate capacity

Our Indicators

» # of children age 9-35 months receiving lead screenings
» # of preschool slots
» # of children entering kindergarten with preschool experience
» # of preschools with a Level 3, 4, or 5 QRS rating
» # of confirmed abused children age 0-5
» # of child care providers (centers and homes) with a Level 3, 4, or 5 QRS rating
» # of credentialed family support/parent education programs
» # of registered and licensed child care slots 

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By-laws of Corner Counties Early Childhood Area.  Amended July 10. 2019


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